Saturday, 9 March 2013

Health & Cooking Classes!

A recent study done at the University of Glasglow in Scotland revealed that enlisting in cooking classes can help boost healthy eating. Participants who took part in either a four-week or eight-week class reportedly ate more fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as less pre-prepared meals, than before taking the classes. Researchers elude this correlation to an increase in confidence in the kitchen, as well as more knowledge surrounding nutrition.

This seems like a simple (and fun) way to try and curb the disastrous eating habits of many in developed countries. Mandatory cooking lessons in schools, or free community cooking classes, are only a few ways that this new research could be applied to within Canada. 

Check out the rest of the article here: and go get cooking!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Nutrition Month!

For those of you who don’t know, every year in March is known as Nutrition month in Canada. Nope we didn’t just make that up! Every year dieticians across the country look to inform and remind us of the impact nutrition has on our bodies and overall health. This years theme is dedicated to making healthier food choices when buying groceries. As students, we all understand that craving for greasy, salty or fried foods after a late night of studying. Now that midterm season is coming to an end it’s time to put down that bag of chips and get back on track with healthy eating.

Here are 5 fresh, simple foods to keep stocked in your fridge to start your meals off in the right direction!

Milk, Yogurt, Cheese: Milk products contain 16 essential nutrients and are one of the most bioavailable forms of Calcium.

Fresh vegetables and fruit: Filled with fibre, vitamins and minerals, fresh produce is a convenient way to snack while studying without reaching for those energy dense alternatives.

Hummus or bean dips: Legumes are loaded with protein and fibre, which will help keep you fuller longer. Try making a simple bean dip with chickpeas, black beans or white beans to make snacking on vegetables more interesting.

Natural nut butters: Natural nut butters, such as peanut or almond, can be a tasty way to add some protein into your meal. Try adding a spoonful on your toast in the morning or as a side with some apple slices.